Grønbæk Put & Take

Martin Sand +45 51507560

We are closed for the winter. We open again on the 1st of march 2019

Welcome to Grønbæk Put & Take

We have two family lakes with a total of 8000 m² and a children's lake of 500 m². We have rainbow trout, brown trout and golden trout, and pike and seasonally other fish species from 700 grams to 10 kilos. The children's lake is for children under 12 and their companions.


We offer...

We have shelters in different sizes around the lakes. All have tables and benches, electric lighting, and many also have a grill.

Furthermore, we have tables and benches by the lake and a fireplace.

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Our fish

At Grønbæk Put & Take there is always a lot of fish in the lakes. We have a steady supply of fish in our fish stock. Therefore we can put fish as needed, often daily.

We have the following types of trout in our lakes: rainbow trout, golden trout, sterile trout, brook trout.

We also have grass carp and pike in our lakes. These fish have to be released if caught.

Fish in children's lake

In our children's lake we have fish in "children sizes". Usually rainbow trout from 400 to 700 grams. In addition - if the season permits it - we put bigger Golden trout in the children's lake, so that there is a big challenge for the small fishermen.

Fish in the family lakes

In the other fishing lakes we mainly have fish from 1 to 6 kg.